Saturday, June 12, 2010

Character Generation

A Mystara 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons Campaign

Character Creation
  • Roll 5d6 for each Ability Score, discarding the lowest 2 dice. Assign the scores as desired.
  • All PCs begin with maximum gold, and the DM’s choice of either a mastercraft weapon or 300gp in potions.

  • Elf (Ilsundal)- As PHB 3.5
  • Elf (Belcadiz)- As PHB 3.5 but Martial Weapon Proficiency (Rapier, Light Crossbow, Longsword) and Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Hand Crossbow). +2 to Bluff, Diplomacy and Sense Motive checks.
  • Elf (Shadow Elf)- As PHB 3.5 but Darkvision 60’, Stonecutting (as Dwarf), Martial Weapon Proficiency (Longsword, Short Sword), Simple Weapon Proficiency (Light Crossbow), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Hand Crossbow), Light sensitivity, +2 Intelligence and -2 Constitution
  • Elf (Wood)- As PHB 3.5 but Martial Weapon Proficiency (Longbow, Short Bow) and Weapon Proficiency (Short Spear, Spear). Favored Class is Ranger.
  • Elf (Water)- As PHB 3.5 but Martial Weapon Proficiency (Light Crossbow, Cutlass, Rapier), Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Hand Crossbow), +2 on Swim, Craft (Ship) and Profession (Sailor) checks.
  • Elf (Shiye-Lawr)- As PHB 3.5 but Favored Class is Beguiler. Martial Weapon Proficiency (Rapier, Short Sword, Shortbow) and Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Hand Crossbow). +2 to Escape Artist, Hide and Move Silently checks.
  • Dwarf
  • Killoren (as Races of the Wild) Found in Alfheim, Wendar, Norworld (Forest Homes), Thunder Rift and other heavily forested/temperate areas.
  • Halfling
  • Gnome
  • Half-orc
  • Goblin
  • Kobold (as Races of the Dragon)
  • Shifter (as Eberron Campaign setting, found in Alphatia and Norworld)
  • Warforged (as Eberron Campaign setting, found in ancient Blackmoor, Rockhome and Alphatia)
  • Changeling (as Eberron Campaign setting, hidden communities throughout Mystara)
  • Spirit Folk, Mountain and River (as Unapproachable East, hidden communities in Alphatia, Ochalea and Ethengar)

Allowed Classes

·         All Racial Paragon classes except Drow (Unearthed Arcana)
·         All core classes (PHB 3.5)
·         Beguilers and Dusk Blades are typically available to Elves and Half-Elves only, but they can occasionally be found by non-Elves.
·         Knight (PHB II), Swashbuckler (CW), Scout (CAdv), Spell Thief (C Adv), Healer (Min Hbk), Favored Soul (C Div), Warmage (C Ar).
·         While Elves can become clerics, Elven spiritual life is led by the Treekeepers, Druid-Wizards who tend the living artifact known as the Tree of Life that is the center of most Elven communities.
·         Halflings and Dwarves are rarely wizards but Halflings in particular are often sorcerers. Dwarves are commonly Artificers.
·         Shukenja and Wu Jen are found among the Makistani and the Ethengar.
·         Samurai are rare. Human samurai originated serving the wizard nobility of Alphatia. The cat-like Rakasta are often Samurai and are found in Thunder Rift.
·         The Merchant class from Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor Player’s Guide is available to PCs from civilized areas. Such PCs cannot take levels of Druid, Barbarian, Dragon Shaman or Spirit Shaman.
·         The Noble class from Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor Campaign Setting book is available to PCs with DM’s permission.

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