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The Order of Foresters

The Foresters

In ancient times, the Emperors of Thyatis made a pact with the Vyalia elves of the western forests. The elves would adopt humans (and later other races of the Empire) and teach them magic and forestry. The greatest students were adopted into the clans of Vyalia elves and taught the elven ways of battle, nature magic and other skills. The Vyalia elves have been the largest teacher of rangers in the Known World ever since.

The Foresters serve the Empire of Thyatis as scouts, messengers and warriors. They are officially part of County Vyalia’s contribution to the defense of Thyatis. The core of the Forester’s teachings is the Ranger class. It is the foundation for all other teachings. Tracking, survival and combat are ranger skills that are used throughout the Forester’s career. A handful of Foresters are unable to learn the nature magic of the ranger, but these are few and far between.

As elven magic encompasses many forms, many Foresters branch out into other areas of arcane study. Wizards and bards are quite common, with a few Foresters studying a touch of druidic magic. Non-magical studies occasionally take the Forester into the scout class.

The Foresters have training camps and a formal academy in the County of Vyalia, on the border of Thyatis. Many Vyalia elves roam the border Karameikan-Thyatian border with impugnity and Foresters are common in all Vyalia lands. Though they have no official standing in Karameikos, Foresters are accorded a great deal of respect and latitude. Though they are officially in service to the Empire, many choose to go on extended leaves of absence in search of personal magic or adventuring. As this results in a more powerful Forester and the Empire is largely at peace, it is fine with this policy for now.

Membership in the Foresters is required to learn the advanced techniques of the Forester prestige class. This is the Warden of the Woods Eldeen Ranger prestige class from the Eberron setting. Other common prestige classes include the Order of the Bow Initiate and Peerless Archer, though neither class is unique to the Foresters.

Dame Larandia Lymianporus, Head of the Order

Race: Human

Classes: Ranger 6/Forester 5/Bard 6
Sex: Female
Age: 48
Alignment: Neutral Good

Strength: 14 (+2)
Dexterity: 15 (+2)
Constitution: 12 (+1)
Intelligence: 12 (+1)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 16 (+3)

Hit dice: 6d8+5d10+6d6+16
Hit points: 74
Initiative: +2 (Dex)/+4 (Dex and +4 Burning Lightblade)
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares)
Armor class: 20 (+3 Leather Armor, +2 Dex, +3 Ring of Protection), touch 20, flat-footed 17
Base attack: +15/+10/+5
Saves: Fort +11 (+12), Ref +14 (+16), Will +8 (+11)

Action Points: 12

Special qualities: Wild Empathy; Favored Enemy (Orc) +4; Favored Enemy (Magical Beasts) +4; Favored Enemy (Dragon) +2; Nature Sense; Hated Foe; Smite Evil 1/day (+3 attack and +5 damage), Bardic Knowledge, Bardic Music (Countersong, Fascinate, Inspire Courage +1, Inspire Competence, Suggestion)

Languages spoken: Alasiyan, Alphatian, Draconic, Elvish (Vyalia Dialect), Hattian, Sylvan, Thyatian

Skills: Concentration +7 (+8), Handle Animal +14 (+17), Heal +9 (+11), Hide +9 (+11), Knowledge (Arcana) +8 (+10), Knowledge (Geography) +10 (+12), Knowledge (Nature) +14 (+18), Move Silently +14 (+13), Perform (Stringed Instruments) +9 (+12), Ride +14 (+16), Speak Language +6, Spellcraft +8 (+11), Spot +13 (+15), Survival +14 (+18), Tumble +8 (+10), Use Magic Device +8 (+11)

Feats: Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium, Shield), Blind Fight, Endurance, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Elven Lightblade), Improved Critical (Shortsword); Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Quick Draw, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Track, Two Weapon Defense, Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus (Shortsword), Weapon Proficiency (Simple, Martial)

Ranger Spells Memorized (cast 1): Longstrider

Bard Spells Known (cast 3/3/2):

0th: Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, Read Magic

1st Charm Person, Disguise Self, Expeditious Retreat, Sleep

2nd Cure Moderate Wounds, Invisibility, See Invisibility

Base DC for Spell Save: 14 + Level of Spell

Possessions: Belt Pouch, Spell Component Pouch, +3 Leather Armor of Light Fortification (25% avoid critical hit), +4 Elven Lightblade of Burning, +2 Dragonbade Shortsword, +1 Dagger of Returning, +2 Composite Longbow of Seeking, Quiver of 20 Arrows, Quiver of 20 Flight Arrows (rng 135 dg 1d6+4), (3) Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, +3 Ring of Protection, Ring of Sustenance, Wand of Sleep (12 charges), Amulet of Sight (Dark Vision 60 and Low Light Vision), Winged Boots, Bag of Holding


+4 Elven Lightblade of Burning (Atk +15/+10/+5 dual wielded dg 1d6+1d6 fire+6 crit 17-20/x2)

+2 Dragonbane Shortsword (Atk +13/+8 dual-wielded or +15/+10 vs. Dragons dual-wielded dg 1d6+4/3d4+6 vs. Dragons crit 18-20/x2)

+1 Dagger of Returning (Atk +18 dg 1d4+3 crit 19-20/x2 rng 10)

+2 Composite Longbow of Seeking (Atk +19/+14/+9 dg 1d8+4 crit x3 rng 110)

storm silverhand


Larandia is a tall, blonde woman with a lanky build and several visible battle-scars on her arms and legs. She wears elaborately tooled leather armor over a simple linen tunic and a leather skirt or trousers. A pair of swords is belted to her waist and she adds a longbow when on the road. She looks nearly two decades younger than her 50 years.


Larandia was once a simple Kerendan girl whose parents were simple horse trainers for a Thyatian lord. She loved being outdoors and had long been fascinated by elves. When she was 13, she became an apprentice Forester. After a rocky start, she found that she had a talent for the ways of the forest and the elves. She studied fencing and became adept in the use of the Elven Lightblade and in the shortsword. She became an outstanding tracker and rose to become the head of the order several years ago.

Larandia has a hearty and ready laugh, with a wicked sense of humor. She has traveled extensively throughout the Known World, and is not easily surprised. Still, she loves novel ideas and has a passion for songs and stories. Her levity becomes an icy professionalism in battle, and she is quick to charge into melee. She is quick and silent, stalking her foe like prey. Larandia is a passable archer, but she is one of the deadliest swordfighters in the Empire.

Larandia loves her adopted clan, the Greenheights. She spends most of her time training new recruits and administering the daily needs of the Foresters. She travels when she can, and is attempting to direct her Foresters to build greater ties to Karameikos via the Vyalia elves in eastern Karameikos. She has a close relationship with the Duke of Vyalia. She has been known to personally tutor promising Foresters interested in swordplay.

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