Saturday, July 10, 2010

Human Languages of the Known World

Empire of Thyatis

· Thyatian (Common Tongue)

· Kenendan (spoken as a “heritage language”)

· Hattian (spoken as a “heritage language”)

· Nuar (Pearl Islands)

· Alphatia (Isle of Dawn)

· Ochalean (Common Tongue on Ochalea)

· Alasiyan (Spoken in Biazzan but official court documents are in Thyatian)

· Thratian (Common Tongue of the Four Tribes of the Hinterlands)

Emirates of Ylaurum

· Alasiyan (Common Tongue)

· Alphatian (“heritage language” on the eastern coast)

· Thyatian (“heritage language” but commonly spoken among traders and city dwellers)

· Ancient Nithian (rarely spoken language except among scholars)

· Ethengar (Makistani Dialect) (Common Tongue in Makistan)

Empire of Alphatia

· Alphatia (the Common Tongue of the Empire)

· Thyatian (spoken as a trade language due to the Known World)

· Thothian (spoken on the Isle of Dawn)

· Jennite (spoken among the Jennite tribes)

· Heldann (common in Norworld)

Grand Duchy of Karameikos

· Thyatian (officially the Common Tongue)

· Traladaran (spoken by most of the Traladarans)

· Anciant Traldar (spoken by historians)

Republic of Darokin

· Darokinian (the Common Tongue)

· Thyatian (Darokin dialect) (Spoken nearly as often as the Common Tongue)

· Traladaran (spoken by the Traladaran settlers in the Heartlands)

· Atruaghin (spoken by traders who deal with the people of the Atruaghin Clans)

· Sindhi (spoken by traders to the Sindh deserts)

· Alasiyan (spoken in Selenica)

The Minrothad Guilds

· Minrothad Patois (the Common Tongue)

· Alphatian (spoken as a “heritage language” )

· Thyatian (spoken nearly as often as Minrothad Patois)

· Makai (spoken as a trade language)

The Kingdom of Ierendi

· Makai (Common Tongue of the island natives)

· Thyatian (spoken as a trade language)

The Principalities of Glantri

· Thyatian (Glantri Dialect) (The official language of government)

· Alphatian (Glantri Dialect)

· Belcadiz (distinct from Elvish but spoken by the elves and half-elves of Belcadiz)

· Traladaran (Glantri Dialect)

· Hattian (spoken by members of Hattian descent)

· Flaemish

· Ethengari (Glantri Dialect)

· Averoignese

· Klantri

The Northern Reaches

· Heldann (the Common Tongue of most speakers)

· Thyatian (a trade language)

· Hattian (a trade language and language of the invading Hattian Storm Legion)

The Khanates of Ethengar

· Ethengari (The Common Tongue)

· Thyatian (Glantri Dialect) (spoken as a trade language)

· Darokinian (Spoken as a trade language)

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