Monday, November 22, 2010

Psionics in Mystara

Psionics in Mystara

Psionics in Mystara are rare but have a long and twisting history. Before the Rise of Blackmoor, no psionics have been recorded or remembered. With the crash of the Beagle and the discovery of the City of Gods, psionics became more common as the other-worldly crew of the Beagle intermingle with the populations of Thonia and Blackmoor. The Great Rain of Fire alteration of Mystara’s environment and magic energy fields planted the seed of psionics in the world above. The Radiance has a little studied but definite link to awakening psionic powers in creatures. Often, psionics are wrongly classified as sorcery or warlock’s invocations.

Psionics are often linked to the aesthetic martial arts practiced by monks and ninja, so they are slightly more common in Alphatia than the mainland. Psionics are most often seen among the yuan-ti and other creatures inhabiting the lush jungles of the Serpent Peninsula. The Shadow Elves have a fair number of psionicists among them, and they are seen as having the blessing of Rafiel. Most of the high ranking Shamans have some psionic ability combined with their divine magic and the sacred Soul Crystals are often empowered by psionics as well as magic. Psionics are all but unknown in the Hollow World.

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