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Village of Reedle

Population: 800

Demographics: 98% Human, 1% Rockhome Dwarf, 1% Other

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Power Center: Conventional; Mayor and six person Town Council

Ruler: Mayor Thaddeus Nerama (LN Human Aristocrat 4/Swashbuckler 2). Thaddeus is a native of Corunglain and comes from a family of Thyatian descent. He spent several years on the road as a caravan guide and part-time adventurer but came to Reedle to enjoy a quiet life as a gentleman farmer of olives. He is incredibly rich, having invested his wealth in many profitable ventures.

Armed Forces: The Second Army patrols the trade road on a regular basis, coming through every 2 or 3 days. The caravans bring along private guards which can be pressed into service in a crisis. The Reedle Watch consists of 10 members (LG human Warrior 2) armed with clubs, slings, rapiers and chain shirts.

Townspeople rotate service in the Reedle Militia, with approximately 10 members on patrol or sentry duty outside the village proper. The militia is issued rapiers, longbows and studded leather armor. Both report to the Mayor but the militia has its day-to-day affairs coordinated by Sergeant Althea Garamond (LG female human Swashbuckler 3/Scout 1), a liaison from the Darokin Army.

Major Industries: Luxury crops (coffee, olives, olive oil, rare teas) and caravan services. Many merchants prefer to meet caravans heading to or from Selenica in Reedle in order to have pick of the choicest or most exotic wares.

Notable Laws: The village has banned offensive spell-casting and intrusive spells such as Detect Thoughts. Spells that identify or classify goods are allowed and quite common.

Notable Mages: Mahmoud ibn-Rahman (LN male human Diviner 8) is a native of Selenica and has a reputation as a reliable mage-for-hire. He has no interest in adventuring, but will cast spells for reasonable fees. He also hires adventurers to acquire rare spell-components, especially from rare and magical beasts in the Altan Tepes.

Durkin Silveraxe (LN male Dwarf Artificer 3/Fighter 1) is a Rockhome born Dwarf with a talent for forging arms and armor. He doesn’t handle general blacksmithing, instead commanding a premium with the creation of his mastercraft and magic weapons. Although he has served in the Army of Rockhome, he is not an adventurer and declines to accompany any parties for any fee.

Notable Personalities: Tareal Moonflower (NG male Elf Duskblade 5) is a representative from Alfheim who assists the village in keeping the roads free of bandits, goblins and Orcs while he arranges safe passage for merchants travelling to Alfheim. He and his band of Elves (5 elves of levels 2-3) are usually on the road but they have lent assistance to the village on a number of occasions. He is an expert with the longsword and his band has caches of supplies hidden throughout the surrounding area.

Kipling Trencherman (CG male Halfling Spell Thief 5/Fighter 2) is a middle-aged Halfling who operates a brewery that specializes in a well-known apple cider that has a crisp, clean taste with a minty finish. Dwarves seem to despise the beverage but Elves enjoy it immensely. Kip does a brisk business selling his wares to Alfheim merchants. He is a semi-retired adventurer and is known to travel to Alfheim for the occasional Great Hunt. He claims to be from Norworld but is secretly a Halfling far out of his time, having been born in Ancient Thonia and sent by the Kingdom of Blackmoor through the time portal of the Come Back Inn. He occasionally recruits agents for the Fetch but few are willing to traverse the Broken Lands.

Selara of the Callarii (N female Shadow Elf Beguiler 5/Scout 4) is actually the Shadow Elf spy Kaerlynvala. Pretending to be a low-level hunter from the Callarii tribe, “Selara” communicates with a handler via a crystal shard she keeps buried just outside of the village. She rarely does more than report on interesting events or visitors bound for Alfheim but she is occasionally ordered to acquire an item carried by a traveler or courier messages between agents in Darokin and Alfheim. She is an expert in disguise and fights with twin Long Knives.


1. Gatehouse

Most of the caravans that travel through Reedle are too large to stay in the village proper. Instead, they camp outside the village in partially fortified campgrounds surrounded by wooden palisades and earthen ramparts. The gatehouse is manned at all times by 2 members of the Watch, often assisted by trusted adventurers who earn a few gold pieces per week for their troubles.

2. Village Square

The village square is a meeting place for residents and travelers. Notices are posted and residents can often be found relaxing and gossiping here.

3. Village Hall

The village hall is the center of government, holding the offices of the mayor and the council members. It also hosts the courtroom where civil grievances and criminal trials are heard.

4. Market Square

During caravan season, a daily market is held here for residents and travelers. While a few exotic wares and novelties are sold, most stalls sell staples like food.

5. Durkin’s Forge

The Dwarf Artificer Durkin runs this busy forge, churning out high quality weapons that sell to adventuring parties, the guard captains of the caravans or exported to market in Selenica. Durkin offers some magical weapons and services but he charges a steep price. Durkin has a staff of Dwarven assistants, including 3 apprentices (Artificer 1).

6. Blacksmith

Ivan of Threshold (N human Expert 5) is a Traladaran who came to Reedle during the “invasion” of Duke Stefan. He supported the Marilinev Rebellion and escaped prosecution by fleeing north to Darokin. He is friendly to Traladarans but quite rude to Thyatians. By agreement with Durkin, Ivan does not forge arms or armor. Ivan has several apprentices that assist him.

7. The Dancing Hobgoblin

This inn and stable is quite large, as it is the only establishment of its kind within the village walls. Run by a pair of retired adventurers, Gian (CG male human Rogue 4/Swashbuckler 2) and his wife Olara Sifsdottir (NG female human Cleric of Sif 5), the Dancing Hobgoblin offers a number of rooms from 10-person common areas to a large suite. Two meals are offered daily, breakfast and dinner. Breads and cheeses are offered during the day. The inn has a staff of 12 and the stable has a staff of 3.

8. House of the Silver Bell

This large temple complex is part of the Church of Darokin and dedicated to Chardastes. In addition to handling the spiritual life of the village, Anatoly White Hand (LG male human Cleric of Chardastes 9) operates a hospital and healing supply depot. Anatoly is truly ancient and a kind old man of Darokin and Traladaran descent. He is assisted by Celia (NG female human Healer 3), an orphan he has raised since her parents died from fever a decade ago.

9. The Golden Goose Public House

The Golden Goose is a large public house and tavern, offering meals and drink from sunrise to well into the night. It does not offer rooms or stabling, but many villagers find their way here during the course of a day. The Goose is run by the Widow Ariana (LG female human Expert 6), viewed by most in the town as a stern but lovable grandmother. She is assisted by a dozen staff members, all of whom are loyal and helpful.

10. Mahmoud’s Arcane Wonders

This large building is the home, office and shop of the wizard Mahmoud. He does a brisk business in spell components and minor potions, but he is also available to cast spells for a premium fee. He frequently hires adventuring parties to acquire rare components, especially from magic beasts in the wilderness.

11. Mayor’s Home

The current mayor lives here. He is known to prefer his office in the village hall during the day but he entertains important merchants in his home at night.

12. Granary

Enough grain and dried food is kept here for several months of emergency.

13. Darokin Diplomatic Corp Office

The DDC maintains this lavish manor as a contact point for communications with Karameikos and Ylaruam. It serves as a relay station where messengers and agents can rest, heal and get fresh horses. The office has a minimal staff, but it is run quite efficiently by Thaddeus of Corunglain (LN male human Aristocrat 3), a rather stodgy middle-aged man with a talent for organization and a head for numbers.

14. Darokin Merchants Guild

The local chapterhouse of the Merchants Guild is awash with petty intrigues as the local merchants scheme to gain the upper hand on the rich farmers of Reedle. The plots are typically legal, if complicated, schemes and usually amount to little because the farmers are quite close-knit.

15. High Creek Brewery

The Halfling Kip Trencherman runs a profitable and highly popular brewery in this large warehouse. High Creek specializes in apple cider, but it brews a wheat beer popular in the region.

16. Corelli’s Livestock

The Corelli family operates this large stock yard and feed supply. They do a brisk business during the caravan season. They specialize in a breed of tasty but hardy goat that is raised in the mountains and foothills just outside the village.

17. Empty

This large building has lain empty for the past six seasons after the last inhabitant passed away without any known heirs. It is in poor repair, needing a new roof at the least, but the Mayor sees that no major damage occurs.

18. Reedle Farmers Association

The farmers of Reedle have formed a loose association that allows them to set pricing and bargaining leverage when selling their specialty crops. The farmers of Reedle are quite wealthy, richer than the merchants of the surrounding area thanks to the high prices their crops fetch. The Merchants Guild would love to find some way of breaking this power but has been largely unsuccessful.

19. House Hallonica

Hallonica has had a presence in the village since the Traladaran Wars centuries ago. Reedle serves as a way point between House Hallonica activities in Karameikos, Selenica and the Heartland. The staff changes frequently, as this building largely serves as a private quarters and barracks for Hallonica agents, merchants and caravan masters.

20. Well of Lovers

This well is rumored to be magical. Fey are believed to consider the well sacred and those who drink its water are supposed to be protected during endeavors made in the name of true love.

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