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The Town of Nemiston

Who Rules: Baron Randel is the hereditary ruler of the Barony of Nemis. He rules from the family keep at Nemiston and has appointed a Mayor to handle the day-to-day chores of running the town.

Who Really Rules: Despite being surrounded by Borderlands territories, Nemis is old enough and rich enough to be ruled under Heartland law. As such, Baron Randel has less flexibility than his less established neighbors but he cannot be removed as easily by the Council.

Population: 4,200 (98% Human, 1% Dwarf, 1% Other)

Major Products: Logging, Furniture, Carved Wood Objects

Armed Forces: The Town Guard is strictly a police force and consists of Nemiston residents (Human Warrior 1-3) armed with rapier, club and studded leather armor. The Baron maintains an unofficial private militia consisting of 20 mounted skirmishers (Human Fighter 1) wearing chain shirts and shields and armed with longswords, shortbows and spears.
Local Laws: In the town of Nemiston, only one-handed weapons no bigger than a longsword may be carried. Unofficially, visiting Elves are typically harassed and shown an unfriendly welcome. Inn rooms will be expensive and of poor quality. Many taverns will not serve Elves.

Notable Mages:
Jenara of Armstead (NG Female Human Wizard 3/Fighter 1/Spell Sword 6) is a local from nearby Armstead. A retired adventurer, Jenara made a name for herself with a band of goblin and orc hunters known as The Mountain Stalkers. She now works as a mage-for-hire and alchemist between her researches. Unlike most of the town, she harbors no ill-will toward Elves. She is occasionally called upon to assist the watch or the army but she will not adventure.
Syll of Fenhold (CG Female Human Witch 3) is another local, this time from the nearby territory if Fenhold. She is a hedge wizard and witch, making a living as a healer and potion maker. She is a middle-aged woman of great charisma and beauty, with a penchant for taking younger lovers of both sexes.
     Tharren the Red Robed (LN Human Wizard 5) operates a magical shop that offers a few minor items for sale in addition to spell scrolls. By agreement with Syll and Jenara, he doesn’t deal in potions except for his personal use.
     Arun Quintelan (CG Gnome Wizard 2/Rogue 1/Fighter 1) is an adventurer for hire. He has a talent for stealth and swordplay. His magic leans toward illusion and he is known for his throwing daggers as weapons.

Notable Churches:
The House of Industrious Hands is a temple with the Church of Darokin. It is led by Mother Henrietta (LG Human Cleric 6), an ancient woman of considerable warmth. There are 3 lower level priests (LG Human Cleric 1) on staff to assist her.

Equipment Shops: Good, partial in winter.

Adventurers' Quarters:
Nemiston has a number of fine rooming houses as it is located on a busy trade road near a large city. It doesn’t see many adventurers per se, but does see a large number of caravan guards, merchants and other traders. In addition to several excellent rooming houses, there are several inns of note.
In particular is The Raven’s Longhouse, built to resemble a traditional Northern Reaches longhouse. It is famed for its mead and simple, hearty fare. It is run by a retired Vestland adventurer, Thorinn Wolf-Tooth (CG Male Human Bard 4).

Important Characters:
     Harn Dark Knife (CN Male Half-Orc Hexblade 5/Ranger 2) is a mercenary who specializes in guiding caravans and adventurers through the Orclands. The product of a violent coupling, Harn grew up as an outcast. He is sullen and withdrawn, but not evil. He fights with a +1 Scimitar and +2 Defender Broadblade Shortsword.
     Conrad of Hallonica (LG Male Human Knight 4) is a wealthy if minor cousin of House Hallonica who leads a small band of Hallonica troops to keep the roads safe between Selenica and Nemiston. He also leads forays into goblin territory to destroy goblin and kobold holdings. His band is simple mounted cavalry (Human Warrior 2) wearing breastplates and carrying rapiers and crossbows. Conrad prefers heavier armor and wields an heirloom great sword.
     Greeley Cottonwood (CN Male Halfling Rogue 6/Sorceror 4) is rumored to be the guildmaster of Nemiston’s small Thieves’ Guild. He is a native of the Five Shires, but settled in Nemiston long ago after a successful series of adventures in Thyatis. He is believed to have fey blood, as he occasionally displays arcane talent to the surprise of many of his adversaries.

scimitar commander
Randel IV, Baron of Nemis
Noble 3/Fighter 3, medium-sized humanoid (human), CR 6; HD 3d6+3d10+6; HP 31; Initiative +1; Speed 20m; AC 16 (touch 11, flat 14); BAB +5; Atk +7 melee (+1 Shocking Scimitar dg 1d6+2+1d6 electricity crit 18-20/x2), Atk +6 missile (Mighty Composite Shortbow dg VARIES crit x3 rng 70’), Atk +6 melee (Dagger dg 1d4+1 crit 19-20/x2); AL: N; Sv Frt +5, Ref +3, Will +4; Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 11, Cha 15

SKILLS: Appraise +6 (+7), Bluff +6 (+8), Diplomacy +6 (+8), Gather Information +6 (+8), Knowledge (Darokin) +3 (+4), Knowledge (Geography) +6 (+7), Knowledge (Ylaruam) +6 (+7), Ride +6 (+7), Sense Motive +6, Speak Language +3, Survival +3

LANGUAGES: Alasiyan (Ylari Dialect), Dwarvish (Rockhome Dialect), Elvish (Alfheim Dialect), Ethengari, Thyatian (Darokin Dialect)

FEATS: Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium, Heavy, Shield), Block Arrow, Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Noble Blood, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Quick Draw, Weapon Proficiency (Simple, Martial)

GEAR: +1 Mithril Scale Mail (Penalty -2 Arcane 20%), Mastercraft Small Steel Shield, +1 Shocking Scimitar, Mighty Composite Shortbow, Quiver of (20) +1 Arrows (Atk +7 Dg 1d6+2), Dagger, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Potion of See Invisible, Ring of Fire Resistance 10

     Born to a family with strong ties to Selenica and Al-Azrad House, Randel is the ruler of the Barony of Nemis. The second son of the previous Baron, Randel was raised to be a diplomat and knight, with little possibility of rulership. He studied in Selenica under the merchants and caravan masters of Al-Azrad, journeying throughout the Emirates of Ylaruam, eastern Darokin and the steppes of the Ethengar. He found the skills of a mounted warrior in keeping with his half-Ylari descent and he fancies himself a man of action as well as a diplomat.
     The people of Nemiston have had a terrible relationship with their northern neighbors, the Elves of Alfheim for centuries. Although the level of tensions is high, it is rarely deadly and more often focused on pranks played by the Elves. The humans of Nemiston, for their part, are not as creative in their retaliation and often resort to impotent rants. For his part, Randel is weary of the Elves and has sponsored various skirmishes and harassments against Alfheim. To date, he has stopped at killing and been smart enough to avoid having things traced back to him with any certainty. Still, he has arranged beatings and clashes in the forest.

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