Friday, December 24, 2010

Village of Barnaby-Under-Bramble

Who Rules: Filibar Bramble (CG Halfling Male Rogue 2/Paladin of Freedom 4) is the Sheriff of Barnaby-Under-Bramble. His family helped found the village when his grandfather journeyed from the Five Shires. He once roamed the Five Shires and Darokin as an adventurer before returning to Fenhold and being appointed Sheriff. Filibar tolerates no foolishness and has rubbed several of his people the wrong way but all respect his wisdom.
Who Really Rules: Lord Rolph is the Magistrate of Fenhold, though he leaves the Halflings of Hollydown and Barnaby-Under-Bramble largely to their own devices.
Population: 150 (99% Halfling, 1% Other)
Major Products: Goats, Sheep, Brixashulty, Wool
Armed Forces: The Watch consists of 6 members (Halfling Commoner 2/Warrior 1) wearing Leather Armor or Padded Armor and carrying a dagger, a shortsword and a shortbow. They are identified by their sky blue cloaks.
Local Laws: None, in addition to Darokin’s Border Law.
Notable Mages:
Wesley Bramble (NG Male Halfling Wizard 2) is the son of Sheriff Bramble. He is a quiet, intense young man with a studious bent. He assists his father with running the town. He plans on leaving Fenhold to visit the Five Shires next spring.
Notable Churches:
Nob Nar’s Den is a small shrine attended by Arica Littlefoot (NG Female Halfling Cleric 2), a young cleric and native of the village. She studied in Hinmeet for several years before returning to rebuild an old shrine that had fallen into disrepair.

Equipment Shops: Poor.
Adventurers' Quarters:
Barnaby-Under-Bramble has no inns but it does have a public house that serves lunch, supper, tea, and dinner in addition to mugs of ale, mead and cider. The Cracked Peppercorn is run by the wife of Sheriff Bramble and he can often be found holding meetings at a corner table. The public house serves as an unofficial meeting point and mustering area for the village.
Important Characters:
Brogo Bramble (N Male Halfling Expert 3/Warrior 2) is an old, opinionated, stubborn if brave shepherd and cousin to the Sheriff. He has a strong dislike of non-Hin and is quite distrustful of Lord Rolph. He is a crafty old militia trooper with a family heirloom +1 shortsword.

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