Friday, December 24, 2010

Village of Fenhold

Who Rules: Mayor Will Duchamp (Middle-Aged LN Human Expert 2/Warrior 1), an opinionated farmer who tends to make demands of Lord Rolph rather than making suggestions or seeking advice.
Who Really Rules: Lord Rolph is the Magistrate of Fenhold.
Population: 150 (99% Human, 1% Other)
Major Products: Dairy products, cattle
Armed Forces: The Village of Fenhold has 10 members with arms and armor ready to act as an emergency militia. These 10 men and women (Human Expert 3) wear studded leather armor and are armed with spears and longbows. They are led by the son of Will Duchamp, Darren Duchamp (N Human Warrior 3). In an extended emergency, 20 additional farmers and farmhands (Human Commoner 3) will report to the manor for duty and will be outfitted with leather armor, longspears and longbows from the manor’s armory.
Local Laws: None, in addition to Darokin’s Border Law.
Notable Mages:
Feriel Greyfeather (CG Male Elf Wizard 3/Fighter 2) is a retired Elven adventurer who became obsessed with farming. He conducts odd experiments into growing, and his farm is more of a test bed of strange theories than a productive concern. He is considered somewhat insane by visiting Elves.
Notable Churches:
The manor has a large chapel attended by Father Anselm (Old LG Human Cleric 6), who was sent from Darokin to serve as the chaplain of Lord Rolph. He is a fretful, if wise old man who is preoccupied with keeping the peace among the human farmers.

Equipment Shops: Poor.
Adventurers' Quarters:
The Muck and Mire is a small rooming house favored by the few travelling merchants who come through Fenhold. It features cozy if simple rooms and hearty fare. Boarders are served a simple breakfast and a well-appointed dinner.
The Drunken Dunce is a rowdy tavern favored by farmhands and Lord Rolph’s men. The drinks are poor in quality but strong and cheap.
The Inn of the Whispering Wind is the most popular establishment in all of Fenhold. It offers a variety of rooms, from a lavish suite to a large dormitory style room. The tavern on the first floor is always kept comfortable. The menu tends toward the rustic, with the house special being a hearty spiced potato and venison hash.
Important Characters:
Johannes Longfurrow (middle-aged NE Human Expert 3/Warrior 1) is a sour, angry firebrand who advocates draining the Fens, enslaving the Halflings and burning Alfheim. He stirs up a lot of unrest with his talk, but his skills as a warrior are limited to hunting and the occasional militia action.
Merdith Hornscraper (middle-aged NG Human Ranger 4/Fighter 2) is a retired adventurer turned dairy farmer. In times of an emergency, he has been called to lead the village militia or help find lost hunters. He has been known to train promising youths in swordplay. He still has his old adventuring gear, including a +1 Keen Longsword and +1 Returning Dagger.

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