Friday, December 24, 2010

Village of Hollydown

Who Rules: Oakleaf Green (N Halfling Male Expert 2/Merchant 1) is the Sheriff of Hollydown. As Halflings do not elect their leaders, Oakleaf is one of the oldest and “wisest” of the Hin villagers. He is caustic, gruff and has an inflated opinion of himself. He has never adventured, with only a short time of travel in his youth when he came to Darokin from the Five Shires.
Who Really Rules: Lord Rolph is the Magistrate of Fenhold, though he leaves the Halflings of Hollydown and Barnaby-Under-Bramble largely to their own devices.
Population: 150 (99% Halfling, 1% Other)
Major Products: Goats, Sheep, Brixashulty, Wool
Armed Forces: The Fire Watch serves as both a firefighting brigade and an emergency militia. The Fire Watch consists of 6 members (Halfling Commoner 4) wearing Leather Armor or Padded Armor and carrying daggers, slings and spears.
Local Laws: None, in addition to Darokin’s Border Law.
Notable Mages:
There are currently no notable mages in the village. Mother Iella (NG Female Halfling Witch 2) has some minor magic. She serves as the village healer and fortune-teller. She is ancient, rarely leaving her cozy home.
Notable Churches:
The Shrine of the High Heroes is an unattended shrine just inside the village. The Halflings leave small offerings to the Hin Immortals, usually in the form of small amounts of coins or foods.

Equipment Shops: Poor.
Adventurers' Quarters:
Hollydown has only a single public house, the Muddled Mint Tea Shop, which serves a variety of tea and ciders with a limited menu. Hollydown gets few visitors, so the tea shop is enjoyed primarily by residents. It is run by Sam Appleblossom (CG Male Halfling Expert 4), a skilled cook and baker with a taste for exotic teas gained during his time as a trader among the Ethengari. Travelers looking for a place to stay are usually left to negotiate a warm barn or spare bed among the populace.
Important Characters:
Ferdibar “Old Ferdie” Alesworthy (Old CN Male Halfling Rogue 3/Expert 3) is an itinerant shepherd and storyteller. He is a bit unscrupulous in private, but pays the role of patient grandfather in public. He is not above lifting a few coins from a traveler or selling gossip. In his younger days, he was a small-time pickpocket in Darokin before he ran afoul of a Thieves’ Guild and he was forced to leave the big city.
Dulcet Sweetsong (N Female Halfling Expert 3) is a young shepherdess who possesses a terrible singing voice and an eternally sunny outlook. She is enraptured by the stories of Old Ferdie but has no idea of his larcenous nature.
Oswald Thistlewood (LN Male Halfling Expert 4/Merchant 2) is the father of Arabella Thistlewood, a rising young adventurer in the Borderlands between Alfheim and Darokin. He is next in line for the post of Sheriff, but is quite busy raising his large brood and running one of the largest flocks in Fenhold.

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