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Prestige Classes in The Known World- DMG and Book of Exalted Deeds


Dungeon Master’s Guide 3.5

Arcane Archer
            The Arcane Archer prestige class is one of the universal arcane paths of the elves. Its origins are whispered to have originated in Grunland, before the rise of Blackmoor. With the notable exceptions of the Belcadiz and Lothanar elves, nearly all elven clans have arcane archers among them. Arcane Archers are either self-taught or learn under a master-apprentice system.
            Change the description of the Imbue Arrow power described in the prestige class to the following.

At 1st level, every nonmagical arrow an arcane archer nocks and lets fly becomes magical, gaining a +1 enhancement bonus. Unlike magic weapons created by normal means, the archer need not spend gold pieces to accomplish this task. However, an archer's magic arrows only function for him.
In addition, the arcane archer's arrows gain a number of additional qualities as he gains additional levels. The elemental, elemental burst, and aligned qualities can be changed once per day, when the arcane archer prepares spells or, in the case of spontaneous spellcasters, after 8 hours of rest.
At 3rd level, every non-magical arrow fired by an arcane archer gains one of the following elemental themed weapon qualities: flamingfrost, or shock.
At 5th level, every non-magical arrow fired by an arcane archer gains the distance weapon quality.
At 7th level, every non-magical arrow fired by an arcane archer gains one of the following elemental burst weapon qualities: flaming bursticy burst, or shocking burst. This ability replaces the ability gained at 3rd level.
At 9th level, every non-magical arrow fired by an arcane archer gains one of the following aligned weapon qualities: anarchicaxiomaticholy, or unholy. The arcane archer cannot choose an ability that is the opposite of his alignment (for example, a lawful good arcane archer could not choose anarchic or unholy as his weapon quality).
The bonuses granted by a magic bow apply as normal to arrows that have been enhanced with this ability. Only the larger enhancement bonus applies. Duplicate abilities do not stack.

Arcane Trickster
            The Arcane Trickster is relatively common prestige class in Glantri and Alphatia, but can be found just about anywhere. Arcane Tricksters are generally self-taught. While the Arcane Tricksters have no over-reaching organization, many are part of or leaders of thieves’ guilds.

            Archmages are almost entirely self-taught and many of the most powerful wizards in the Known World are Archmages. While some Archmages meet with others of their kind in secretive conclaves, only in Alphatia do Archmages gather in great numbers. Archmages have existed since at least the Alphatian Landfall in 2000 B.C. but some legends of ancient Blackmoor have scholars believing that a few individuals possessed the power of Archmages.

            The Blackguard is often known as the anti-paladin for their devotion to evil Immortals, devils and demons. While many are Paladins of Tyranny or Paladins of Slaughter (see Unearthed Arcana), fallen Paladins of Honor or Freedom make up a significant number of their membership. Some Blackguards form knightly orders but most are independent agents of evil.

Dragon Disciple
            Dragon Disciples are rarely seen and powerful agents of Mystara’s dragons. Many of the oldest dragons invest the power of their kind into mortal agents, among them Dragon Disciples. Most of these agents roam far and wide for their dragon masters. Dragon Disciples are known to be numerous in the far-off land of Wyrmsteeth and among the many dragon lairs of Norworld.

            The art of fencing is found in the Savage Baronies, Darokin, the dark-skinned Pearl Islanders and among the Belcadiz elves of Glantri. The Duelist is a popular figure in these lands, and often becomes a folk hero (if good) or a feared villain (if evil). Some Duelists are self-taught, some learn from fencing academies (particularly in Darokin) while still others are tutored as apprentices. Duelists are often wanderers and ply their trade as swordsman across the Known World.

Dwarven Defender
            Dwarven Defenders claim they were taught their skills by the Immortal Kagyar. Since all dwarves can trace their roots back to Rockhome, it is almost certain that this class arose in the dwarven homeland. Dwarven Defenders are akin to knights in Rockhome, being blessed by their clan leaders to perform their near-sacred duties. Most are tied to the defense of a delve or community but a handful are assigned dangerous and long quests.

Eldritch Knight
            Combining spell-casting and martial skill, Eldritch Knights are found among most nations of the Known World. Most are taught master to apprentice, though this process is usually negotiated for gold, magic or service and rarely goes beyond the basics of the prestige class. Eldritch Knights are especially common among most elven nations, Glantri and Alphatia. Thyatis and its colonies have several Eldritch Knights among their subjects, but many more prefer the Spell Sword prestige class.

            Hierophants are among the most powerful agents of the Immortals on Mystara. Hierophants can be found in all faiths, cults and lands (with the exception of Glantri). Hierophants are typically not the leaders of their churches, being tasked with using their powers in the field.

Horizon Walker
            Horizon Walkers are a loose brotherhood of explorers. First formed among the extra-planar Flaems and Alphatians, the Horizon Walkers have gone on to spread their lore among all races, planes and nations. Horizon Walkers have few dwarves among their number but a great many halflings and humans.

            Loremasters are uncommon in any land, but are most numerous in Alphatia, Glantri and Alfheim. Loremasters have no binding organization, but many have working relationships with each other. Most are content to be left to their research or serving a few enlightened rulers as sages. The Emperor of Thyatis sponsors a small cluster of Loremasters who serve as advisors. Clan Mealidil of Alfheim has several Loremasters that act as keepers of the clan’s great library.

Mystic Theurge
            Mystic Theurges are masters of both arcane and divine magic. While some Immortals promote the calling of the Mystic Theurge (including Alphatia, Freyja, Ilsundal and Zirchev.), most are self-taught seekers of powers. Some enjoy the challenge of blending magic energies; others use their magic simply to accomplish their goals.

            Shadowdancers were first known amongst the extra-planar Alphatians. Their skills were brought to the Alasiyan desert and Thyatis with the Alphatian conquests of those lands. Shadowdancers are skilled warriors, thieves and entertainers. Many Shadowdancers travel in circuses and acting troupes, others belong to Thieves’ Guilds.

Thaumaturgists are relatively rare, even among nations with strong arcane traditions. Only in Glantri is this class prevalent and even then it is in the context of a semi-secret society. Some religions (including the Church of Karameikos, Church of Thyatis and the Eternal Way) forbid the study of this prestige class and will treat the Thaumaturgist as a heretic or witch.

Book of Exalted Deeds

Beloved of Zirchev (Beloved of Valarian)
            Women devoted to the defense of the forests from non-human raiders and abusive human practices become Beloved of Zirchev. Beloved of Zirchev often work with Elven and Halfling communities to keep the forests safe. They are generally solitary agents of good, but often have allies among local druids. The Beloved are common in Darokin and Norworld.

Champion of Thor (Champion of Gwynharwyf)
            A small number of Thor’s followers dedicate themselves to battling evil with the unending fury of righteousness. Oddly, most of these Champions are not Northmen. Instead, they come from his worshippers in Thyatis and Norworld. They organize themselves into independent groups that work with their home towns or cities as part of a militia. The largest group is based out of Corunglain in Darokin, where they are quite busy defending against the ever-present non-human raiders.

Fist of Tarastia (Fist of Raziel)
            A growing group of crusaders that follow the Patroness of Justice and Revenge, the Fists are dedicated crusaders who take the fight to evil. They ferret out the lairs of evil non-human raiders, track pirates to their bases and hunt marauding undead. They have quite a few paladins among their number.

Sentinel of Hattani Stone-Claw (Sentinel of Bharrai)
            The Sentinels are a small group of Atruaghin adventurers who have come east into Darokin to adventure and oppose evil. They have proven quite popular with the common people of Darokin, as the Sentinels have foiled several plots against the people of Akesoli.

Sky Lord
            Sky Lords are among the most noble and visible of elven warriors. Sky Lords are common among the Vyalia elves of Karameikos and Thyatis, as well as the Alfheim elves. Sky Lords are treated much as knights are treated in human lands, leading defenders and completing great quests. All have some connection to or blessing from the Elven Immortals.

Stalker of Chiron (Stalker of Kharash)
            As a protector of the forests and the patron of centaurs, Chiron has followers that move through the woods and hunt evildoers like prey. They operate singly or in small groups with good-aligned rangers, scouts and druids. The Stalkers are found in Wendar, Norworld and Alphatia.

            Swanmays are a small, secretive order of shape-changers based in Darokin and ranging throughout the Known World. Focused on protecting wilderness and seeing all of nature in balance, Swanmays tend to roam far and wide. They rarely operate with others of their kind; instead they adventure solo or with other like-minded indivisuals. Humans, elves and halflings are counted among their number with no known dwarves or half-orcs. 

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