Thursday, January 6, 2011

Prestige Classes in The Known World- Eberron Campaign Setting and The Five Nations


Eberron Campaign Setting

Eldeen Ranger
·         Ashbound sect. Rangers of Clan Erehwan in Glantri are trained to use their skills to battle wizards or magical threats. Many learn arcane magic as a Wizard, Beguiler or Duskblade due to the laws of Glantri.
·         Children of the Night sect. Rangers of the Shiye-Lawr are vicious defenders of their secretive clan. The finest serve as spies or assassins, often supplementing their skills with the magic of a sorcerer, as they are common among the Alphatian elves.
·         Gatekeeper sect. The Grunalf Clan of Alfheim has a great deal of experience fighting strange aberrations that appear in the “bad magic points”. Their rangers train to overcome these alien creatures. Grunalf rangers are consummate trackers and hunters, often multi-classing as Scouts or Druids.
·         Greensinger sect. The Callarii of Karameikos have a close association with the fey of the deep woods and must protect their territory from orc and goblin raiders. Many study the lore of their clan’s Tree Keepers (druids) or Wizards.
·         Warden of the Woods sect. The Foresters of Thyatis follow this path under the tutelage of the Vyalia elves. Arcane magic is usually part of their training and most have at least one level of bard or wizard.

Master Inquisitive
            Master Inquisitives originated in Darokin and Glantri but have spread to many large cities where they usually work for the rulers of the city. Some are freelance investigators, often being employed by nobles to investigate the machinations of their rivals.

Warforged Juggernaut
            Warforged are rare under the best of circumstances but they are most often seen in Rockhome. Warforged Juggernauts are among the most powerful defenders available to the King and he typically keeps them close to him. A few are assigned to areas that are threatened by large numbers of orcs.

Five Nations

Knight Phantom
            Knights Phantom are members of a knighthood of Belcadiz elves and half-elves dedicated to the defense of the clan (first) and the nation (second). Most are wizards with training as a swashbuckler, ranger or fighter.

Dark Lantern
            Shadow Elves of the Second Shadow often receive special training to become spies and agents on the surface.

Cyran Avenger
            As wars devastate the Known World, many injured parties turn their hearts to vengeance. The numbers of these rebels are growing in the Thyatian Hinterlands and among the more radical Traladarans that have suffered under Baron Von Hendricks.

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