Thursday, January 6, 2011

Prestige Classes in The Known World- Heroes of Battle, Heroes of Horror, Magic of Eberron, Miniatures Handbook


Heroes of Battle

Combat Medic
            Combat Medics are found in many large militaries, but originated in Thyatis.

Dread Commando
            Found in the militaries of Thyatis, Darokin, the Five Shires, Alfheim and countless mercenary units, the Dread Commando is a stealthy fighter. They are usually deployed in small, elite units that act as scouts or saboteurs.

Legendary Leader
            Legendary Leaders are rare but valued as generals. Some become kings or nobles. Some become warlords.

Heroes of Horror

Dread Witch
            These witches are part of the Glantri semi-secret society found among the Great School of Magic.

Magic of Eberron

Alchemist Savant
            Found among the Artificers, many of these crafters are dwarves and artificers.

            Deadgrims are elite members of the Red Watchers, a relatively new organization based out of Selenica, that combat the undead. The Red Watchers are mindful of the undead remnants of the nearly forgotten Nithian Empire. They are active in eastern Darokin, Ylaurum, Biazzan and parts of Karameikos.

Miniatures Handbook

Bonded Summoner
            Bonded Summoners are the prestige class for the Elementalist Secret Craft.

Dragon Samurai
            Dragon Samurai are powerful warrior clans who serve the Empress of Alphatia, all while competing with each other for prestige and honor.

Havoc Mage
            Havoc Mages are among the most famous warrior mages on a battlefield. First fielded in the Duchy of Tenh during the time of Blackmoor, these combat mages are usually wanderers and adventurers.

Skullclan Hunter
            Skullclan Hunters are undead hunters of the Belcadiz.

War Chief
            War Chiefs are often the leaders of the hordes and war bands of non-humans.

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