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Prestige Classes in The Known World- Races of Destiny, Races of Stone, Races of the Wild, Lost Empires of Faerun, Races of Eberron, Shining South, Unapproachable East, Champions of Ruin, Races of Faerun, Players Guide to Faerun


Races of Destiny

Menacing Brute
            Many half-orcs naturally develop into intimidating thugs.

Races of Stone

            Some dwarves have a mystical connection to their weapons and armor, especially those forged by their own hand. These smiths are found in any dwarven community of sufficient size.

Blade Bravo
            These dueling gnomes are found in the gnome enclaves of Karameikos, Darokin and Thyatis.

Deep Warden
            Deep Wardens are found in almost all dwarven communities and part of the scouting arm of the army of Rockhome.

Divine Prankster
            A handful of gnomes take their culture’s love of practical jokes to an extreme. They can be found in all gnomish communities.

Races of the Wild

Arcane Hierophant
            Arcane Hierophants are popular among many of the Tree Keepers of Alfheim and the Vyalia. Ranger/Wizard combinations are popular among many Long Runner elves of Alfheim.

Champion of Corellon (Champion of Ilsundal)
            The Champions of Corellon become the Champions of Ilsundal in Mystara. They are the premier melee fighters among the elves.

            Found among many of the Five Shires Halfling, Luckstealers are known to be involved in the anti-Black Eagle rebellion in Karameikos.

            Ruathar are elf-friends. They are found in Alfheim, Thyatis and Karameikos in large numbers.

Lost Empires of Faerun

Olin Gisir
            These lore-keepers of Elven knowledge are small in number but hold positions of high esteem among all Elven clans.

Races of Eberron

Cabinet Trickster
            The Changelings of Alphatia have become the undisputed masters of crime and spycraft in the Empire of Mages. The Cabinet Tricksters are the agents of a secretive group of spies and thieves that pursue an unknown agenda across Alphatia.

            Moonspeakers are Shifter clerics and druids who have formed a special bond with Zirchev to become the pre-eminent spiritual leaders and spell-casters of their race. They are known to travel extensively in order to see to the needs of the small, wide-spread Shifter communities.

            These elite Shifter rangers patrol the wild lands around Shifter communities. They are superb trackers and stealthy warriors, striking quickly and decisively.

Spell Carved Soldier
            Alphatian wizards have recently begun to enhance a small number of Warforged protectors with magic that protects and enhances the Warforged during combat. These Warforged have formed a loose brotherhood of warriors with a distinct code of honor.

Shining South

Ethengari Shadow Rider (Crinti Shadow Marauder)
            A small, elite group of Ethengari riders operate as spies and assassins for the Golden Khan. They strike from hiding and are skilled riders.

Sea of Dread Corsair (Great Sea Corsair)
            Many of the greatest pirates on the Sea of Dread hail from Ierendi, the Privateers Guild of Minrothad or the Halflings of the Five Shires.

Alphatian Council of Mages Member (Halruaan Elder)
            The Council of Mages is the Alphatian congress that advises the Empress and regulates much of the day to day operations of the Empire. Council Members are always powerful wizards, but have varied aspirations. Some revel in politics, some spend their days in research and still others travel extensively.

Halruaan Mage Hound (Alphatian Mage Hound)
            The Alphatian Mage Hound is a specialized assassin who tracks and eliminates renegade mages. Some leave the service of the Great Council and become mercenaries in the Known World.

Maquar Crusader (Sind Crusader)
            These elite warriors are akin to the knights of the Known World.

The Unapproachable East

Glantri Griffon Rider (Aglarondan Griffon Rider)
            The elite Griffon Riders of the Glantri armed forces are the backbone of Glantri’s growing air force. Second only to the dragon riding military wizards under Von Drachenfel’s command, the Griffon Riders are highly regarded warriors but have little magic among their number. Some are assigned to guard diplomats or serve as spies and agents in foreign lands.

Denagoth Ladies of Shadow (Durthan)
            The Shadow Lord sponsors a cult of evil female casters loyal to him and his causes known as the Ladies of Shadow. Much of their power is drawn from the Denagoth Plateau itself and they are rarely seen away from it.

Nithian Demonbinder (Nar Demonbinder)
            The ancient Nithians delved into dark magics, eventually becoming masters in the summoning of evil extra-planar beings. Their lost arts have resurfaced occasionally, especially among twisted wizards from Glantri or Alphatia.

Dawn Hunter (Nentyar Hunter)
            Dawn Hunters serve the Archdruid of the Isle of Dawn, protecting his druids and keeping the wildlands from being destroyed in the battles between Alphatia and Thyatis.

Alphatian Slaver (Thayan Slaver)
            The Alphatian Empire is so thoroughly dependent upon slave labor that an entire class of people is employed to acquire and control them.

Champions of Ruin

Justice of Weald and Woe
            Justices of Weald and Woe are avengers of Elven lands, tracking and bringing back lawbreakers to face Elven Justice. A handful serves the King of Alfheim, but he prefers to keep them a secret to preserve a positive Elven image. They are more numerous among the Shiye-Lawr Elves and in Wendar.

Races of Faerun

            These Dwarven warriors and berserkers are found wherever significant numbers of Dwarves dwell. They form small units of elite warriors in Rockhome and sometimes serve as mercenaries.

            Elven bards often follow this bardic tradition over any others. In Alfheim, Spellsingers are found studying at the Library Tree more than any other place.

Warrior Skald
            The Warrior Skald is common in the Northern Reaches and Norwold, often found bolstering raiding bands with their music. They are often found in the halls of jarls, where they serve as advisers.

Player’s Guide to Faerun


Arcane Devotee
            Most Immortals count Arcane Devotees among their followers, but they are especially common among the followers of Alphatia, Alphaks and Rad. They are often called upon to act as roving agents of their Immortal, although many of Alphatia’s Arcane Devotees serve as instructors to the next generation of wizards.

Divine Champion
            The Divine Champion is another common agent of many Immortals. Ixion counts many among his followers, as does Halav, Sif and Thor. They are typically itinerant adventurers who quest on behalf of their Immortal’s church.

Divine Disciple
            Unlike the Divine Champion, the Divine Disciple is a relatively rare individual who is often a powerful personality in their chosen church. Perhaps second only to a Heirophant, the Divine Disciple is known to be a divine agent of their Immortal.

Divine Seeker
            The Divine Seeker is found among most Immortal churches but is most numerous among Asterius, Korotiku and Loki. They often team with Temple Raiders to form small groups dedicated to quietly achieving the goals of their Immortal.

            As the masters of meta-magic, Incantatrix are usually found in Glantri or Alphatia among the wizards who rule those realms. They are often employed by the armies of those realms, using their spell-shaping ability on the battlefield.

            Runecasters are common among the Dwarves and the Giants. They use stone and metal as mediums to cast potent spells.

Shaaryan Hunter (Ethengar Hunter)
            The Ethengar Hunters are among the swiftest riders on the Ethengar Plains. They can track from horseback and are the most versatile warriors on a mount. Most serve the Golden Khan as elite messengers and warriors but some adventure far in their wanderlust.

Shadow Thief of Amn (Minrothad Guild Thief)
            The Thieves’ Guild of Minrothad does not operate on the soil of the island nation. Instead, they range most of the Known World. They are usually the main competition for the local guilds. The Minrothad Guild Thieves are most active in Thyatis and Darokin.

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