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Prestige Classes in The Known World- The Silver Marches, Deities & Demi-Gods, Draconomicon


The Silver Marches

Horde Breaker
            Horde Breakers are often folk heroes in the areas around the Altan Tepes Mountains or the Broken Lands. They lead local militias, specialty mercenaries or troops against the hordes of non-humans. They are especially prevalent in Glantri and Darokin.

Knight Errant of Silverymoon (Knight of the Road)
            Knights of the Road are Darokin’s most famous heroes. They are knighted by the ruling council and they often assist the DDC in foreign lands or adventure to aid the nation of Darokin.

Orc Scout
            The Orc hordes, especially under Thar, are clever and crafty. They have trained scouts that value stealth over force to sneak into settlements before they are raided. They especially value half-orcs for this duty.

Peerless Archer
            A Peerless Archer is rarer that an Initiate of the Order of the Bow. They are found in the wild lands of Norworld, with few venturing south.

Deities & Demi-Gods

            Berserks are divine-touched warriors from the Northern Reaches. They are most numerous in Ostland where King Hord uses them as raiders and shock troops. Berserks are feared and despised by other barbarians.


            Non-dragon worshippers of the Dragon Immortals (Diamond, Opal, Pearl and The Great One) often become Dracolytes. They are agents of powerful dragons, by-passing the petty intrigues of humans AND dragons. They work for the benefit of all Mystara and work to preserve the balance.

            A non-dragon ally of powerful dragons who become more draconic over-time thanks to secret rituals, Dragonkith are rare across Mystara. Many are non-human but humans and elves are the most numerous.

            Dragonriders are found in all nations but most famously in Thyatis as members of its two flying orders.

            Dragonslayers often become great heroes as many races fear dragons of any color. The Dragonslayers occasionally band together in orders of knighthood, but most are itinerant adventurers.

Dragonsong Lyrist
            Some bards have a strong affinity for dragons and they often become Dragonsong Lyrist. They are popular in the backwater Wyrmsteeth region, as well as in Glantri among the dragon enthusiasts.

            These stealthy trackers specialize in eliminating dragons through intrigue. Dragonstalkers sometimes cooperate with Dragonslayers but the two are more often rivals.

Hoard Stealer
            Hoard Stealers are extremely specialized burglars that target powerful hoarders like dragons. Many are found among the halflings of the Five Shires or the dwarves of Rockhome.

Initiate of the Draconic Mysteries
            Initiates gain power studying ancient texts containing snippets of the lore of dragons. Their origins date back to the Thonian Empire, before Blackmoor’s founding. Dragons occasionally reward followers or those who have done them a favor by giving them the knowledge to start (or continue) on this path.

Platinum Knight
            Paladins and knights who serve good dragons, Platinum Knights are found in many lands but most roam the Known World in search of evil.

Dragon Magic

Dragon Lord
            Dragon Lords are rare individuals who seem to channel the fury and presence of a dragon. They often have dragon allies and are in command of armies. Dragon Lords are found anywhere powerful, charismatic individuals can be found.

Hands of the Winged Masters
            Hands of the Winged Master are secretive and no one knows which dragons they serve or who they are. Hands are selected for their talent and skills, and adventure extensively to gain power and resources.

Swift Wings
            Swift Wings are unknown in most faiths but are slightly more common in the Cults of the Dragon Immortals, the Thyatian Cult of Vanya and several of the Northern Reaches cults.

Wyrm Wizard
            Wyrm Wizards study the magic and lore of dragons. They are a semi-secret group that studies in the Great School of Magic of Glantri.

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