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Prestige Classes in The Known World- Complete Adventurer and Complete Arcane

Complete Adventurer
Animal Lord
            Animal Lords are found among relatively primitive, tribal or clannish people that hold a certain animal as totem or ideal. Animal Lords are often the battle leaders of their respective tribes.
  • Apelords are found in the jungles of the Thanegioth Archipelago and in the jungles of Davania.
  • Bearlords are found among the northlanders of Ostland, Vestland, Soderfjord and the Heldann Freeholds.
  • Birdlords are common among the Raven Tribe of the Hinterlands and among the Ostlanders.
  • Catlords are found among the Lion Tribe of the Hinterland.
  • Horselords are found among the Horse Tribe of the Hinterlands, the Ethengari and a handful of Kerendans.
  • Sharklords are found among the Pearl Islanders and the Thanegioth Archipelago.
  • Wolflords are found among the Wolf Tribe of the Hinterland.

            Beastlords are most numerous among the human druids of the Known World, but anyone with a penchant for hunting and animal handling can become a Beast Lord. Beast Lords are often devout worshippers of Ordana, Faunus and Zirchev. There is a large concentration of Beast Lords in Norworld, the mountains between Ylaurum and Darokin, and the borderlands of Darokin.

            Bloodhounds are found in all nations, acting as bounty hunters or serving the courts of the land as an agent of justice. Bloodhounds are sometimes rangers, especially in Thyatis and Karameikos. Many Bloodhounds range across the Known World in pursuit of their prey.

Daggerspell Mage/Daggerspell Shaper
            Daggerspell Mages and Daggerspell Shapers are members of an ancient order of protectors and vigilantes. Originally founded in Ylaurum to oppose the worst of the Alphatian and Thyatian conquerors, it is now based in Selenica. Its members are found in Darokin, Ylaurum, Thyatis and northern Karameikos. Though they have no official authority in any of the lands they roam, they are held as folk heroes among the populace.

Dread Pirate
            Dread Pirates operate on the Sea of Dread from Ierendi to the Isle of Dawn. The Halflings of the Five Shires are among the most prosperous pirates currently operating but all seagoing nations have problems with piracy. Dread Pirates are famous folk heroes in the Five Shires, Ierendi, the Minrothad Guilds, and Thyatis.

Dungeon Delver
            Rogues that specialize in the exploration of dungeons are in demand among explorers and adventurers. Dungeon Delvers often have a considerable reputation among the small circles of adventurers. Dungeon Delvers run the gamut of races and backgrounds, though there are few half-orcs among their number.

            Exemplars are relatively rare in the Known World but there is no concentration or organization to their number.

Fochlucan Lyrist
            A fusion of druidic magic and bardic knowledge, the Fochlucan Lyrist studies at the Fochlucan College. A walled enclave in a remote part of the Hinterlands, on a misty jungle-covered mountaintop, houses the ancient school. It is neutral in struggles of the Four Clans and has stayed apart from the guerrilla war against the Thyatians. The current grandmaster is actively seeking foreign students to spread the way of his order and to gain knowledge of the outside world.

Ghost-faced Killer
            Ghost-faced Killers are a secretive clan of assassins who are allied with Alphaks and serve that dark Immortal. They are based out of Alphaks’ Volcano and are predominantly found in Alphatia. The Ghost-faced Killers strike from the shadows, overcoming powerful mages through surprise and magic weapons.

Highland Stalker
            The Highland Stalkers are tough, independent hunters and trackers, who dwell in a number of mountainous territories including northern Karameikos, the Glantri highlands and the Darokin borderlands. They have no real organization or ties except to their native villages and homesteads. Many become adventurers in order to seek new vistas and see new lands.

            Maesters are relatively rare in the Known World, only by virtue of the small numbers of gnome communities in the Known World. Maesters rarely venture far from their laboratories, but do often seek rare components and ingredients for their work.

Master of Many Forms
            Masters of Many Forms are usually isolated travelers who roam the Known World as scouts, spies and wanderers. They use their shape-shifting to assume animal and humanoid forms, disappearing into the crowds. They are found throughout the Known World but are most often found on Thyatis, Alphatia and the Isle of Dawn.

Nightsong Enforcer/Nightsong Infiltrator
            The Nightsong Guild is an ancient vigilante organization that haunts the capitol of Thyatis. They have a difficult fight against the many thieves’ guilds of the city but have a special enmity against the Shadowhand. The Nightsong has a few agents outside the city but their base of power is Thyatis City.

            The Ollam is found wherever dwarves live. They can be found in every major settlement in Rockhome.

Shadowbane Inquisitor/Shadowbane Stalker
            The Shadowbane Inquisitor and Shadowbane Stalker are knights in the Order of Illumination, an order of paladins, clerics and warriors dedicated to the Eternal Truth. They fight the undead and other powerful evil forces. They roam far and wide, seeking out evil but are based out of the Alasiyan Basin.

            Masters of a rare and specialized craft, Spymasters are found in all nations across the Known World. Virtually all races have Spymasters among their number. Perhaps the most clever and effective Spymasters are found among the Changelings of Alphatia.

            Streetfighters are streetwise, often self-taught fighters who rely more on quick wits than heavy armor. Many are swashbucklers, particularly in Darokin and Thyatis. In areas like Ylaurum, they are often knife fighters.

            Tempests are found throughout the Known World, with the two weapons wielded varying by culture. In the Northern Reaches, twin axes are quite common. Ylari warriors typically wield scimitar and dagger.

            Thief-Acrobats are specialized thieves that tend to exist outside the guild structure of typical thieves. They are found in most civilized lands, sometimes emphasizing their acrobat skills as performers.

            Common in major cities, vigilantes take the safety of the streets into their own hands. Vigilantes range from loners to small networks of dedicated crimefighters.

Complete Arcane

Argent Savant
            The masters of force magic are specialized wizards. Their art originated in Alphatia, but was spread to the Thyatian Empire with their subjugation of those lands a thousand years ago. Since then, the Argent Savants are found as far away as Glantri. The Argent Savants gain their secrets through self-study, as they have no binding ties or organization.

Blood Magus
            A collection of sorcerers who gain insight through death and being subsequently raised from the dead, the Blood Magi gain no benefit from organization or mentorship. They are wanderers and adventurers with a penchant for attracting confrontation.

Effigy Master
            Gnomes of a particular bent often become Effigy Masters. While they are not the sole members of this prestige class, they are the most common. Effigy Masters are few and far-between. They also are often too absorbed in their studies to do much adventuring.

Elemental Savant
            Elemental Savants first arose in ancient Glantri among the Flaems. They have spread across the Known World and Alphatia.

Enlightened Fist
            Monks are not common on Mystara, but can be found studying in secretive, isolated monasteries. Enlightened Fists are monks that sacrifice some of their martial arts to gain arcane power. Most Enlightened Fists study in the rugged mountains between Glantri and Ethengar.

Fate Spinner
            Fate Spinners are a small, secretive cabal of Ylari wizards. They are able to re-weave their own destinies and alter the luck of others. They are reclusive, rarely venturing out of their desert kingdoms.

            Geometers are members of the semi-secret Order of Cryptomancers in Glantri’s Great School of Magic. They are often hired to protect castles, manors and cities with their creations. They travel far and wide for these jobs.

Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil
            Initiates are masters of color and abjuration, acting as protectors and warders. Initiates study their art under the tutelage of an existing Initiate. This prestige class is very popular in northern Thyatis, specifically Biazzan.

Mage of the Arcane Order
            The ability of the Arcane Order to manipulate the spell energies of its members can be traced to the Wizards Cabal of Ancient Thonia. Several scholars of various lands have resurrected the Order. Though not a unified order, the Arcane Order has guild halls in Karameikos (The Guild of Mages) and in the Order of Magus in Ghyr.

Master Transmogrifist
            Although not true “alchemy”, the Master Transmogrifist is studied in The Great School of Magic as Masters of Alchemy. They are masters of transformational magic and they are very protective of their secrets.

            The ultimate masters of enchantment/charm spells, the Mindbenders are found throughout the Known World. Mindbenders operate with a number of minions nd henchmen. They are just as likely to be in the court of a ruler or acting as a warlord in wilderness communities.

Sublime Chord
            Sublime Chords study their advanced bardic arts in the Starry Lyceum, a bardic college in Darokin. Rumored to have survived the Great Rain of Fire, the Lyceum is quite selective. Their facility is isolated and in the territory of Broken Lands raiders, so a student must be cunning and devoted to successfully seek them out.

Suel Arcanamach (Thyatian Arcanamach)
            The Arcanamachs are arcane warriors in the service of the Thyatian throne. They train as warriors and are able to cast a limited number of spells. Their lore first originated in ancient Milenia, but they have served the throne for centuries.

Wayfarer Guide
            Wayfarer Guides operate a network of teleportation based courier and travel services throughout the Known World. Most small nations have only one Guide in the largest city. Some nations, like Thyatis, Glantri and Alphatia, have several Guides in most settlements of Large Town or greater.


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