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Prestige Classes in The Known World- Complete Divine, Complete Scoundrel and Complete Warrior


Complete Divine

            Blighters are druids who have turned away from the paths of nature and embrace destruction. Blighters are rare, solitary individuals who can crop up anywhere a druid loses his way. Blighters are available to NPCs only.

Church Inquisitor
            Several organized faiths count Inquisitors among their number. The Church of Thyatis and the Eternal Truth count several prominent Inquisitors among their clergy. Inquisitors root out evil and treachery among their faithful, often exposing outside forces that wish to corrupt their churches.

Consecrated Harrier
            Consecrated Harriers are found in most Lawful faiths and cults. They are particularly numerous among the Thyatian cults of Vanya; the Alfheim priests of Mealiden; the cults of Odin and the Traladaran Church. The Consecrated Harriers are rarely members of the formal hierarchy, as they spend most of their time away from the day-to-day actions of the church.

            Only a handful of Immortals encourage their worshippers to take up the path of the Contemplative. Koryis is best known of these Immortals and there are convents and abbeys of his contemplatives throughout Thyatis and Darokin. The elven Immortals also sponsor Contemplatives, but these are often from a druidic tradition.

Divine Crusader
            Many Immortals inspire lone individuals and knightly orders to take up the path of the Divine Crusader. The Order of the Griffon in Karameikos counts several Divine Crusaders in its midst. The Brotherhood of the Grey Lady has had several Divine Crusaders lead the order in its past.

Divine Oracle
            Individuals called to act as seers and sages by Immortals, Divine Oracles are solitary figures of legend. Perhaps the best known current Divine Oracle is the Seer of the Lake of Lost Dreams in Karameikos.

            Using a long-forbidden connection to the Entopic Immortals, Entropomancers are the chosen servants of these evil beings. Many haunt the Empires of Alphatia and Thyatis, servants of the evil Alphaks. Others are believed to lead secretive cults of Thanatos in Ylaurum.

            Evangelists can be found in many faiths, spreading the doctrine of their Immortals to new worshippers. The Church of Karameikos; the Eternal Truth and the associated cults of the Church of Thyatis are particularly known for the numbers of Evangelists among their midst.

Holy Liberator
            Holy Liberators are often folk heroes to oppressed peoples. In Karameikos, some followers of Zirchev take up arms against the oppression of the Black Baron. Some Halflings carry their fight against Glantrian wizards to extremes. Many Hinterlanders call upon their patroness, Diulanna, to rid them of the Thyatian invaders.

            Hospitalers are members of several good-aligned Immortals that have been knighted. They act as defenders of the faithful and guardians of holy sites. Many are found among the ranks of the Order of the Griffon.

Pious Templar
            Powerful followers of Immortals are often asked to become defenders of holy sites, temples or pilgrims. These defenders are Pious Templars. They are found among virtually all faiths and all nations.

Sacred Exorcist
            Most good-aligned faiths count at least a few Exorcists among their number. The Exorcist is a lone figure outside the power structure of a typical church. They tend to be feared by other clerics and commoners alike.

Sacred Fist
            Some monks give up their pursuit of self-perfection to serve an Immortal or other cause. While neither more or less numerous than other monks, Sacred Fists tend to be more open with their abilities. Many become famous crusaders in the service of their Immortal.

Seeker of the Misty Isle
            Rangers and protectors of Clan Mealidil of Alfheim adopt this prestige class, known as Seeker of Mealiden. They undertake quests for the good of the clan and Alfheim, often seeking out ancient Elvish artifacts and outposts.

Shining Blade of Heironyius
            This class becomes the Shining Blade of Tarastia. They are dedicated to justice and revenge, often acting as vigilantes against powerful oppressors.

Temple Raider of Olidammara
            This class is dedicated to Korotiku, and they are clever tricksters and explorers.

            Common among many cultures and Immortals dedicated to battle, the Warpriest is an often sought ally on the field of battle. Warpriests are common among dwarven priests of Kagyar; elven worshippers of Ilsundal and Northmen priests of Sif and Thor.

Complete Scoundrel

Avenging Executioner
            Avenging Executioners are few and far between, but found in many places. Since most are found in an oppressive regime, they can become dark folk heroes or frightening legends.

Battle Trickster
            The flashy, skillful combat-style of a Battle Trickster is typically taught master to apprentice. Many Pearl Islanders are Battle Tricksters, due to their veneration of Korotiku. Tricksters frequently find employment as mercenaries in irregular units or as guards for rich nobles.

Cloaked Dancer
            Cloaked Dancers are typically found in Ylaurum, Biazzan or among the halflings of the Five Shires. They learn their arts in small academies or from a single teacher. They often travel with troupes of entertainers.

Combat Trapsmith
            Combat Trapsmiths often find employment with advance scouting units or dungeon builders. They tend to come from nations with expansive frontier regions, like Karameikos and Darokin.

Fortune’s Friend
            A handful of individuals are so favored by fortune or the Immortals that they become Fortune’s Friends. They are almost universally adventuring rogues or swashbucklers.

Magical Trickster
            Spell casters who rely on skill, cunning as well as spells become Magical Tricksters. They are relatively common among Pearl Islanders and Darokinians.

Spellwarp Sniper
            First arising in Alphatia in the last century, Spellwarp Snipers have spread across the Known World. They are taught master to apprentice, and are often hired “spell-slingers” or adventurers.

Uncanny Trickster
            These wide-ranging tricksters encompass many different adventuring and combat styles. They can be found anywhere and they are often self-taught.

Complete Warrior

Bear Warrior
            Bear Warriors are seen in both the Hinterlands and the Northern Reaches. They are fierce warriors and berserkers and often lead raiding parties among both groups.

            Many elven heroes of legend were Bladesingers and many of the current crop of heroes is Bladesingers. King Doriath has sponsored a small informal academy of Bladesingers in Alfheim Town. The Callarii Elves count many among their ranks.

            The classic knight of legend and myth, the Cavalier is found in most lands of the Known World (except Alphatia, Minrothad, Pearl Islands and Ierendi). Even in mage-obsessed Glantri, Cavaliers exist as heroes to the mundane folk.

Dark Hunters
            Most Dark Hunters are dwarves or shadow elves. Few other races have the extensive population underground that those two races have. They often fight each other in addition to orcs, kobolds and goblins.

Darkwood Stalker
            A common prestige class taken by the elves of Alfheim and Vyalia, the Darkwood Stalker is the ultimate orc hunter. Darkwood Stalkers are often elite elements of the clan’s rangers.

            Common to Traladarans, Ylari and Halflings, Dervishes combine dancing with martial ability. Both men and women become dervishes, and they are typically from nomadic elements of their societies.

Exotic Weapon Master
            An extremely diverse breed, Exotic Weapon Masters uses many different weapons in their battles. Some use ancient weapons of cultural significance. Others use weapons that capture their imagination or as a calling card.

Frenzied Berserker
            Frenzied Berserkers are occasionally found among the Ostlanders, but most are members of the savage races like orcs and gnolls.

Gnome Giant Slayer
            Gnome Giant Slayers are found in most gnome communities but particularly along the Ylari-Soderfjord border.

Halfling Outrider
            Large caravans of halflings are not common in Mystara but all halflings go through a period of wanderlust. It is not uncommon for groups of halflings to travel together. Outriders serve as scouts, messengers and cavalry defenders of these groups and for the small pastoral settlements halflings favor.

Hunter of the Dead
            The undead plague all lands of the Known World and the Hunters of the Dead oppose them wherever they may be. They are particularly numerous in Glantri, thanks to the activities of necromantic wizards.

Invisible Blade
            Common in many metropolitan areas where heavy weapons and armor are frowned upon, the Invisible Blades are known to be numerous in Thyatis, the Five Shires and in Darokin.

            Justiciars are often vital components of the justice system in many lands. In Thyaris and Darokin, they are members of a guild that are charged with bounty hunting and carrying out court sentences.

            Kensai originated in Thyatis, under the Alphatia warlords. They are most numerous in that martial land but can be found in Alphatia as well. Kensai typically serve a noble ruler and are often tasked with great quests.

Knight of the Chalice
            These warriors against evil outsiders belong to a branch of the renegade Glantri organization, the Order of the Claymore. They are kept quite busy thanks to the work of many evil conjurers in that magic land.

Knight Protector
            Members of an elite order of Thyatian Knights, the Knight Protectors are devoted to the ideals of the ancient empire. They are occasionally at odds with the current emperor, but have the backing of a few key idealistic nobles.

Master Thrower
            Common among halflings, master throwers are frequently seen among adventurers, scouts and other roustabouts.

Nature’s Warrior
            Originating in the Savage Coast, these druidic warriors are master shape shifters. Their numbers have spread to the Isle of Dawn where they battle both Thyatian and Alphatian forces.

Occult Slayer
            Occult Slayers are dedicated faris of the Eternal Truth that train to overcome evil spell-casters. They are often paladins of that faith, and distrustful of many types of magic. They have a special hatred for fire magics and spend much time rooting out the Magian Fire Worshippers.

Order of the Bow Initiate
            Originally an offshoot of the Foresters of Thyatis, the Initiates are among the finest archers in the world. Studied by all races, they focus on the bow as both a weapon and a tool for meditation. Students tend to learn from a master who shows them the basics of the order and then proceed on a journey of self-discovery.

Purple Dragon Knights
            A small order of heroic knights in Ghyr, these knights roams the north from Denagoth to Ghyr and Old Essuria.

            The savage races that worship Atzanteotl count Ravagers among their deadliest number.

Reaping Mauler
            A handful of these unarmed combat specialists can be found in such diverse lands as the Hinterlands, Rockhome and the Klantyre of Glantri.

            A few samurai who escape the plots of Alphatian wizards become Ronin. They are often forced to travel the Known World, far from their homeland.

            A recent development on the age old path of the Eldritch Knight, Spellswords are found wherever sword and magic combine for war.

            These mighty warriors are among Kagyar’s greatest warriors. They champion dwarf causes and defend dwarf homelands. Few leave Rockhome for very long, as they are often commanders in Rockhome’s armies.

War Chanter
            These warrior bards are common in the Northern Reaches and on the Isle of Dawn. Though they attend no formal academy, many are followers of Odin and Thor and learn in the temples of Ostland.

War Shaper
            Another order of shape shifters, War Shapers can be traced back to ancient Taymor. Their numbers are small and they maintain small enclaves in Karameikos (among the Traladarans of the deep Dymrak) and Ierendi.

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